Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Collage Activity

I experimented with different collage activities to broaden my ideas. I did 4 different collage activities. The first was a quick activity whereby I ripped up a photograph, held the pieces above a piece of coloured paper and dropped them. I stuck them down where they fell. The idea of this activity was to show that even with a limited amount of materials and images you can create a collage. This doesn't work as well as a composition as it was a quick 5 minute activity to see what you could get from doing simple collages. As I has to stick them down where they landed this meant that some of the pieces were stuck down upside down. I didn't like this as I think it looks messy and incomplete.
The second activity I did was the exquisite corpse activity. It's a group activity where each person starts with the the top of the body, folds it over and passes it onto the next person then they add the next part of the body, fold it and pass it on etc until the body is complete. The idea is to create interesting body forms using different images without seeing what the other parts are. I enjoyed this activity as the reveal at the end was interesting to see what compositions we came up with and how the images fitted together.  
We were given an A1 sheet of white card and using various photocopies of photographs we had to rip/tear/cut ect. We combine dany materials we could find to use with them and create a collage. We used a range of the subject matter in the photocopies.  For finishing touches we used pen and paint over the top of the images.

  Cubomania is a method of collage making in which a photograph is cut into squares and reassembled without regard to the original image. From a collection of photocopied images I chose an image I liked the look of and cut it up into even squares.I then reassembled the photographs in a new composition without thinking about the original composition. I filmed reassembling it to make a new composition.

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