Monday, 25 March 2013


Masking is the technique of masking out an area onto the paper and exposing the image into the shape. I wanted to see how many images I could get onto one piece of photographic paper, I went into the darkroom and lowered the enlarger as low as I could so that the image was still in focus. I roughly drew how big the square was on a piece of paper then measured the sides and worked out how many I could get onto one piece of paper. I cut the squares out of the black card. I also did this with circles but instead of measuring an image in the darkroom I found objects that vary in different sizes then cut then out of black card.
In the darkroom I used masking tape to hold the black paper onto the photographic paper. I covered the squares that I didn't want to expose the image into while I exposed it into each one. I did the same process with the circle mask. 

I experimented with selective development to give it more of an abstract look to contrast between the formal layout and the selective development. I don't think this worked that well because you can't really see what the images are of and you can see some of the boxes around. 

This print below is a solarisation of circle masking. It's hard to make out what is within the circles but from knowing the original prints you can work out that some of the prints are of the banana skin photographs.

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