Friday, 22 March 2013


I had previously experimented with reversals but the outcomes were not that great as you could not clearly see what the images were of. I reprinted some from my first film and extended the exposure time to see if the images were clearer. This did improve some of them for example the pepper as you can see the inside of the pepper more clearly. However a reversal of the liver will not have that much detail because is it quite dark subject matter so the only parts that will be reversed and have detail is where the light reflected off it. 
I made some reversals from my second film which worked a lot better due to the different shades and lighting on the subject. The bones and fish skin with various foods arranged within it was the best outcome of reversals as the light reflected off many different surfaces. My favourite reversal out of all of them is of the peppers because they look like x-rays, also because the original print was quite grey so I didn't expect the reversal to come out that well.

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