Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Inspired Digital Photographs

Inspired by Stephanie Gonot, I recreated by own series of 'Edibles'. I used a range of different foods such as bananas, pepper, raw meat and fish. I set up a small studio to take my photographs in, I placed some black card on the table and then some black fabric. I had a side lamp to light up the images. For the first images I used two bananas, raw meat and red onion skin. I arranged the raw meat onto the banana skins and put some pieces of foil around the meat to act as gold leaf like Helen Chadwick uses. 
 I cut open some used tea bags and sprinkled it on tin foil to act as soil, then I placed some pepper seeds on the soil to look like flowers then  pushed cabbage leaves into the tea to look like leaves.
 I placed the banana skins onto black fabric then layered on top fish skin, cabbage leaves, olives and red onion.

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