Monday, 18 March 2013

Second Film

My second film was based on the idea of creating Stephanie Gonot inspired photographs. I wanted these photos to be a development from my first film so I kept with the idea of using grotesque foods. To be in-keeping with the theme of inside outside in between I arranged the food to look like it was coming out of different foods so that you can see the outside, inside and in between in the composition. I photographed a container of foods that go into a compost bin. This represents the outside, the finished product being the soil, the inside being the contents that goes into it and the in between being the stages between the two from when it is waste to decomposing. 
Below is the different compositions that I photographed. I experimented with putting the foods of black fabric and tin foil. The tin foil didn't work that well as the folds with reflections are a distraction from the main subject matter. The black fabric worked well as you can see the different objects placed on top of it. The compositions I photographed were: 
1. Strips of raw meat, pomegranate on fish skin.
2. Chicken bones, raw meat and flowers on fabric.
3. pepper, cabbage leaves and flowers on tea leaves. 
4. Banana skin with raw meat and red onion peel on fabric.
5. Fish skin, cabbage leaves, olives and red onion skin on banana skin on fabric.
Number 3 is one of my favourite compositions because I used different foods to create a realistic composition, it looks like a flower bed. This is how I put my own ideas into Stephanie Gonot's work as by changing it round by instead of using sweet foods and making them look grotesque, my 'flower bed' uses grotesque foods to look pretty. 

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