Target 1: Use my time more wisely to complete work. 
Target 2: Improve skills on photoshop to work towards more creative work. 
Target 3: Use time outside of college to take pictures relating to light

Have you taken a broad range of  primary photographs for your exam theme such as digital AND film photographs? Are these on your blog?
Yes I have taken a range of both digital and film photographs. They are not yet on my blog, they will be on my blog by the end of 22/4

Have you explored and developed your ideas imaginatively? How have you demonstrated this?
No, my ideas so far are not developed to the standard I hoped they would be. However I have taken my own approach toward the theme. I thought of some basic ideas for my exam outcome, after discussing it with my teacher I have thought of more complex ideas by experimenting with cutting into photographs and more complex sculptures.

Have you researched a diverse range of artwork and completed this on your blog? Who have you analysed? Is your analysis in-depth?
No I do not have a diverse range of artwork completed on my blog. So far I have analysed the work of Don McCullin, Maurizio Anzeri, Rankin. 

Have you experimented with a wide range of techniques both handmade and computer generated? Which techniques have you used?
No I have not experimented with a wide range of techniques. I will have experimented with a range of techniques with my film photographs and my digital photographs.

Have you refined / developed your outcomes through experimentation? How?

Have you written in detail about your experiments and developments on your blog and used this information to help you improve?
No, not yet

Have you taken imaginative leaps/ shown a sense of discovery/ willingness to take risks in your work? If so how? If not, how can you do this?
No, but I have some ideas to develop work in a way that I am not used to. I hope to develop my work through various different sculptural work. I will explore further with different experiments and ways to produce my outcome.

Have you shown enthusiasm and imagination in your work? If so, how? If not, how can you make changes to do this?
Yes with the photographs that I have taken so far.

Have you created work that is exciting and original? If so, how? If not, what can you do to improve this area?

Have you annotated your blog thoroughly throughout?
No, within the next two weeks I am going to revisit all my older posts to ensure that all posts are annotated

Have you practised with your exam outcomes by creating mock-ups? Are your outcomes skilful/ well constructed?
I have experimented with different sculpture ideas that I may take forward to my exam outcome

Have you created an exam plan?

SMART target

My target for next lesson is to experiment in the darkroom with different techniques. I will create a contact sheet, experiment with masking, painting on develop, reversals of prints and working back into my photographs.

Minimum Target Grade
My minimum target grade is a C
My predicted grade is A/B, I am meeting my minimum target grade.