Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rankin Inspired Experimentation

I was inspired by Rankin to experiment with create my own 'Destroy Rankin' images. I started by taking self portrait photos on Photobooth. I printed them off then cut them up and experimented with using different objects and mediums to 'destroy' the photographs. 
I cut around my image and cut out my hand. I cut out the background pattern on  purple  paper and placed it on top on yellow paper. I then placed around my image with space invaders and smiley faces I had made. 
On a sheet of clear plastic I drew some doodles onto the plastic then placed it on top my image. 
I drew cat features onto my image then cut it into squares and placed in on the background I had used previously for another image. I then scattered origami stars that I had made around the image. 
I scrunched the photo up then ripped it into sections. 

I developed my previous image by placing photos of me when I was little behind the torn up photo.

I experimented further by using Photoshop to edit and 'destroy' them further. I made my own brushes and experimented with different layer modes and blending options.
I added flares of light and different star brushes.

I added coloured feathers and glowing stars. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Rankin Destroy Analysis

The 'Destroy Rankin' project was to mark the 10th anniversary of Youth Music, the UK's largest music charity for young people. Musicians were photographed by Rankin then they 'destroyed' one of their photographs. Over 90 Musicians were asked to take part in the project. They could destroy the image in any way they wished, whether it be ripping it up, painting on it or to express themselves on the photo.

I love the way his work is so imaginative and creative, and the not one piece of work is the same, each individual picture has its own response to 'destroy'. My favourite piece is Debbie Harry's photograph, link, I like the use of different materials such as masking tape and string, it makes you want to feel the work as its gone from a 2D photograph to a edited piece of work. I love the fact that these materials were used as they are usually used to fix things, whereas in this work is it used to 'destroy' the image.  

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Final Print

For the theme of life cycle I had to submit a 8x10 final print. From my set of negatives I decided on my favourite two images them developed them in the dark room. To ensure that my prints came out well I made sure that I they were in each tray for the correct amount of time. 

This is my favourite image as I like the composition and spacing. 
I think this symbolizes life cycle as it a grave stone of an angel, expressing life after death.