Monday, 25 March 2013

Double Exposure/Sandwich Printing

Double Exposure is the process of placing two negatives in the negative carrier at the same time so that it exposes one image on top of the other. Another way to do this is by exposing one print for half the time then exposing another for the rest of the time then developing it. 
For my images I tried exposing rice and one of my images. First I cut a small piece of acetate to fit in the negative carrier then put some rice on it. I then did a test strip of this to see the correct timings which was 4 seconds. I then done a print of it to see if I was happy with the outcome. I then went onto producing my double exposures/sandwich prints. Firstly I exposed the rice for 2 seconds, then changed to my negatives in the negative carrier and exposed it for 10 seconds. The usual print is exposed for 12 seconds. I then developed the print. In the first print I did of the bones and rice is it hard to see the grains of rice as the bones are mainly the focus point. I tried this again with a different negative but exposed the rice for 4 seconds and the negative for 8 seconds. This made the rice more visible but harder to see the image. The pomegranate did not work as well because the print was quite detailed with the seeds so it clashed with the rice to make it hard to make out what is what. 

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