Monday, 25 March 2013

Tinting Prints

I experimented with tinting prints with food colouring. I know from previous experience that painting food colouring onto photographs makes them sticky and do not dry. I experimented with putting food colouring on in the developing of the print. I exposed my print for 12 seconds, dripped on some food colouring on the paper then put it in the develop and agitated it slowly so slightly move the food colouring over the print. Once it had developed I moved it into the stop then into the fix then washed it carefully not to rub off the food colouring. These worked well as they kept their colour and were not sticky but from where I had dripped the colouring the image did not develop. I wanted to do it again but to find a way so that the print fully develops and keeps it colour. I developed the print fully then painted some food colouring on then put it into the develop for a couple of seconds and agitated it to slightly spread the colour. I moved it into the stop then into the fix and carefully washed it. This resulted in the print fully developing and have a wash of colour over it. I was pleased with the success of this as I didn't quite know what I was doing and wanted to experiment with something I had not tried before. The last print is my favourite because I like the way the colours have blended to make it look like water colour paint.

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