Friday, 8 March 2013

First Film

I shot a series of photographs for my first film relating to my starting points and what I wish to carry out and develop further for this project. I wanted to keep to the theme of foods, particularly grotesque foods. I chose foods that looked quite fleshy and raw. I also took a few photographs of body parts so that I could super impose the meat onto the body to look like you can see through the skin. 
In the darkroom I did a contact sheet of the negatives to see which images came out well. Next I did a test strip of a print to see what the correct exposure time will be. For most of the prints it stayed the same at 12 seconds, filter 5, aperture 16. 

The first set of prints below did not come out as well as I had hoped to, this was because of poor lighting when I was taking the photographs. The idea behind these photographs was to show the inside, outside and in between of the foods, to literally relate it to the theme. 
I thought about how I could incorporate an artists influence on my photographs. Following the idea from Helen Chadwick using meat and organs, I used the same sort of concept.

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  1. Annotate your contact sheet - highlight/circle areas for improvement. What works well, etc.