Monday, 24 September 2012

First Film

As my theme is architecture for my first film strip I thought of different places that I could take photographs. I shot three different locations on my first film, houses around Old Coulsdon, the work house tower in Croydon, and the chapel in Queens Road cemetery. I did a test strip for my contact sheet, I has the light of f16, filter 5 and exposed each section for 1 second. After looking at my test strip I could see that I need to expose it for 8 seconds. 

 After making a contact sheet I then went onto processing some of my prints. I did a test strip of one of the photographs to see how long I should expose the image for. From the test strip I could see that I needed to expose the images for 9 seconds.

The two prints below came out particularly well with a lot of contrast because I left them in the develop for slightly longer than some of the other prints. 

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