Saturday, 29 September 2012

Digital Experimentation - Solarisation

I experimented with solarising in Photoshop. I created this by following a tutorial
Step 1 - Open the image in Photoshop. If its in colour go to layer > new adjustment layer > black and white.
Step 2 - go to layer > new adjustment layer > curves. Select the pencil - output at 0, holding shift click and move your cursor to top of the middle line. Whilst still holding shift click the bottom right hand corner. 
Step 3 - Create another curves layer. Using the normal wave tool adjust the curve according to the tutorial.
Step 4 - Create a new layer. Go to image > apply image. Using the Burn tool with your chosen size and hardness, go over section that you want your dark tones to come through. Using the Dodge tool to lighten areas. 
This was my first experiment with solarising on photoshop. I thought it would work well because it has good contrast but I think it is too light even after dodging and burning areas. I like the clouds as they look like they are glowing. I think the church would have looked better if it has more contrast. 
This was my second attempt which I think worked better than my first, however I think it would look better if it had darker tones. I like that the different areas such as the building and the plants have highlighted lines around them. 
I think this was my best attempt at solarising a digital image. It worked well because it had high contrast, I think the dark sky brings out the building particularly well and makes the windows stand out. 

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