Saturday, 29 September 2012

Experimentation - Leslie David

Leslie David is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in Paris.  Most of her works are photographs of landmarks, streets and buildings. She is known for her series of 8 postcards called souvenirs de Paris. She had taken several pictures of places in Paris then used paint to smear over part of the photograph. Below is an example of one of the postcards by Leslie David. I like that she uses similar colours that work well with each other and spreads that paint thickly so that the texture is visible. 
Below are my examples of work inspired by Leslie David. First I selected the colours that I wanted then put blobs of paint onto a palette next to each other so that they would blend. I then took a piece of card scraped the paint off and brushed it over part of my image. I then experimented with using my finger to apply and spread the paint. I found that it was easier with using my finger but you don't get a smooth blended spread of paint. To enhance the image further I scraped into the paint with a piece of wire to enhance it with words that might describe the image.  I think that it is a good technique but personally I didn't enjoy it as I don't think it worked particularly well. If I found a new way of applying the paint and spreading it so that it looked more even and blended then I might have enjoyed it and be pleased with the outcome. 

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