Saturday, 29 September 2012

Darkroom Experimentation - Vignetting

In the darkroom I experimented with creating a vignette around my images. Firstly I folded an A4 piece of black paper in half then cut out a fairly small semi-circle in the middle of the folded side of paper. Once opened out the paper had a circle cut out in the center, this is what I used to create the vignetting effect. In the darkroom I set my my enlarger with my desired negative in the negative carrier. I held the black paper a couple of inches above the photographic paper and exposed my image for 7 seconds. I moved the black card round in small circles so that the edges would become faded. I developed my print, below is the example of my print. 
I think this was quite effective using it on the church image as it made it look quite dated and old like the image is slowly fading over time. Below is another example of vignetting around a house that I had photographed. I think that the cut out circle could have possibly been larger to show more of the image on the church, but I think the small circle works well with the house.

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