Monday, 24 September 2012

Enhanced Image - Digital Manipulation - Lomo Effect

To improve my Photoshop skills I experimented with adding a lomo effect to a digital photograph I had taken of Osborne House in the Isle of Wight. I followed a tutorial to create this effect. I think this works well with this particular image as it brings out the detail in the brick work.

Step 1 - Open the image in Photoshop. Duplicate background layer. 

Step 2 - Using the lasso tool draw around the main part of the image you want to be vignetted. Go to select - Modify - Feather - 250 pixels. Go to Select - Inverse.
Step 3 - Go to adjustment layers - Layers - increase the shadows and decrease mid-tones to your desired look. Go to adjustment layers - Curves - RGB to form a S curve (pull highlights up, pull mid- tones down, pull shadows down)
Step 4 - Add another curves layer - Red, pull highlights up, and shadows down, - Green, highlights up, shadows down - Blue highlights down, shadows up. 
Step 5 - Select all layers - right click and merge layers. Go to layer adjustments - Gradient Map - Black to white gradient map. Adjust the opacity down.
Step 6 -  Go to layer adjustments - Hue/ Saturation - increase saturation.
Step 7 - Merge all layers. Copy layer. Filter - Blur - Lens Blur, increase the radius.
Step 8 - Add mask - select paint brush tool with the colour black - adjust the opacity and flow to 50%. Increase brush size. Paint on the parts you want to be sharp.
Step 9 - Select background layer - Filter - Sharpen - unsharp mask, amount to roughly 95%, Radius to 5.5 pixels
Step 10 - Merge layers. Add new layer. Select a colour of grey, Fill layer. Filter - Noise - Add noise, amount 18%, uniform, monochromatic. change blending layer mode to overlay, decrease opacity. 

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