Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Enhanced Image - Digital Manipulation - Nashville Effect

Step 1 - Open image in Photoshop. Duplicate background layer, hide original layer.
Step 2 - Create a new layer. Change the colours to Red 247, Green 217, Blue 173. Fill the new layer with the colour, change the layer blending mode to Multiply.
Step 3 - Select the duplicated layer - Set Curves, Green output to 37, Blues 133.
Step 4 - Select Levels - The middle box type in 1.36, the end box type in 236
Step 5 - Select Brightness/ Contrast, 6 for brightness and 51 for contrast
Step 6 - Go to curves, go to green input 13, Blue input 88
Step 7 - Go to brightness/ Contrast, brightness to -6, contrast to 33
Step 8 - Go to curves, Red output 4, Blue output 14

I think my first experimentation I did of the church worked the best as the colours are even whereas with the other images I experimented with they all look quite yellow. I tried to used images that had blue sky as this would bring out the blues but as the buildings were quite yellow to begin with it washes out the blue of the skies. 

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