Monday, 24 September 2012

Enhanced Image - Digital Manipulation - HDR Effect

I experimented with applying a HDR effect to digital photographs I have taken. I think it is effective because it brings out the detailing of brick work and the ornate windows but I personally do not like this effect as I don't like the harsh lines around it as it makes it become almost cartoon like. 

Step 1 - Open image. Duplicate background layer. Go to Image - Adjustments - Shadows/ Highlights. Increase the highlights to roughly 50% depending on the photograph, Increase the shadows a little bit less than the highlights.
Step 2 -  Click Show more options , mid-tone contrast to +60, colour correction +10. You can also adjust the width and radius of the highlights and shadows.
Step 3 - Duplicate background layer. Move to the top of the layers palette.
Step 4 - Go to Filter - Other - High Pass, radius of roughly 10 pixels. Go to image adjustments - Desaturate.  Change the blending layer mode to Overlay.
Step 5 - Go to layer - New adjustment layer - colour balance. Highlights - Drag the yellow and red up a bit, Shadows - Drag the blue, green and cyan up a bit. Adjust the mid-tones.

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