Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sliced Fruit Effect

I came across this effect while I was searching for digital experiments. I thought it was quite interesting and wanted to create my own. I found a tutorial to follow on Youtube.
1. Take a photograph of the backdrop. Slice fruit, in my case I used an apple. Slide the slices onto a kebab skewer. Take a photograph of the fruit in the same place of the photograph of the backdrop. 
2. Open both images in Photoshop.Overlay the apple image on top of the background. Decrease the opacity of the fruit layer and line up the photograph with the other layer, This may be by rotating it or re-sizing it. 
3. Increase the opacity too 100% and using the rubber tool, rub away the skewer so that it is not visible. Some areas may need to be touched up a bit.
4. Save the file.
This was a really easy tutorial to follow and each step was simple without any complicated aspects that I didn't know how to do. I could improve this experiment by using a more complicated composition with more things in the photograph. I would like to do it again but putting my improvements into practice.

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