Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I made more cinema graphs too see what other outcomes I could achieve. Cinemagraphs are usually a constant loop of animation over a photograph to make it look continuous. I experimented with cinema graphs being continuous and stop starting. The first videos I experimented with was making a apple foam. I cored an apple and lined it with cling film. Added a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda then adding the vinegar quickly. I also added blue food colouring to the vinegar to add some colour. In the 1st animation it looks like the apple is foaming, in the 2nd one only one bubble moves, in the 3rd one the liquid is continuously flowing down the side of the apple, the 4th one sauce is boiling in one place, and the 5th water is filling a glass but the level is not rising. My favourite cinemagraph is the water filling in the glass. I like this one as you can see the bubbles in the water and the water pouring into the glass but the water level isn't rising. For my final piece I want to develop this further by having a plain black or white background and well lit subject matter with a high quality feel. 

Below is a mind map of the different ideas I want to experiment with for my final piece. I would set them up with a white background and have well lit subject matter. I will video it with a HD recorder so that they have a high quality feel.


  1. It is important for you now to review and refine these cinemagraphs by setting up a pure white background (or black!) well lit with lamps or studio lights to make them have a high quality feel. Borrow a video camera from Media and shoot a film during the process to create stills. You can print these to accompany the videos in the exam as well as digital prints. You will have to shoot the video in the exam so choose something you can do in college well and is valid of 12 hours worth of work.

  2. Or, better yet by far, quit school and follow your heART.