Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Animated Gif

An animated GIF is a file where a series of photographs are made into a short animation. I followed a tutorial to make this animated GIF.
1. First you need a sequence of pictures. Each of the photos should be in separate layers. The easy way to do this is go to File  - Scripts - Load Files into Stacks.
2. Select Windows - Animation. You'll see your first image selected on the bottom left in the animation box that pops up. Click on the small tab at the bottom of the animation box that says 'duplicate this layer'. Now add the second photo, you want in your animation by hiding the first image/layer. The second image should be in view. Continuing adding boxes and selecting each consecutive photo, one at a time, until they're all in order in the animation screen at the bottom.
3. Shift-click all the boxes so they're all selected in the animation box. Click on the time selector at the bottom left. Here you can change how much time you want in between each photo.
4. Click on the repetition selector line under that. I kept it on 'forever'. Click the 'play' button to the right of the forever box to preview the animation box. You can delete frames after viewing the preview by clicking on the trash can icon next to the 'duplicate frame' button.
5. Go to File - Save for Web and Devices. Adjust the size before saving as a gif. Make sure the dither is up 100% and the colours are at their highest,256, before saving it.

I like the way my animated GIF came out because the biscuits are being eaten without video of anyone eating them. I tired to keep the camera in the same place by putting it on a tripod so that there wasn't much movement when taking the photographs. I set the speed of each photograph to be at 0.075 seconds so that it wasn't too slow but wasn't too fast you couldn't see it at each stage. I found it easy to make an animated GIF as it is simple to set up and shoot each stage and making it into a GIF is easy to follow the instructions for Photoshop. I could improve this GIF by making sure that each photograph is taken in the same position so that the only movement is of the biscuit being eaten. I would like to do it again and maybe editing the colour and contrast.

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