Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Liquid Emulsion

Liquid emulsion is a silver-based sensitizer for applying on any surface, exposing by an enlarger, and processing in conventional chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper, but in a liquid form and can allow the emulsion to be coated on a wide range of surfaces.
I have always wanted to use liquid emulsion but never really had a different ideas other than using it on different types of paper. I thought hard about what I could apply it to that would have a strong link with my theme. I originally thought of food wrappers but then changed my mind and wondered whether it would actually work if I used liquid emulsion on different type of food. Food on food. I put the liquid emulsion in a tray of warm water and waited till it was liquid. In the dark room I used a wooden paint brush and applied the emulsion to two pieces of paper. For the food I had to apply a coat of white paint to the bread and Rivita snacks so that they lad a solid layer. I waited for the paint to dry then applied some liquid emulsion. I put them in a dark cupboard and waited for them to dry. 
Firstly I did a test strip of one of the images to see what timing I needed. I went for roughly 6 seconds. I then exposed the print for 6 seconds to the other piece of paper. The print came out quite dark compared to the test strip, however you can still see what the image was. I wasn't quite sure how long to expose the image to on the bread. I guessed at roughly 4 seconds. Instead of putting the bread into the trays with chemicals I used a paint brush to brush the chemicals on otherwise the bread would have got too soggy. This print came out too dark so I tried decreasing the time to 2 seconds. It still came out blakc, I then tried on the Rivita for 1 second and it went black. I was disappointed that it did not work but at the same time I was pleased that I had at least attemped it and on one of the pieces of bread it did graduate from black to grey so I know that it did work but I would have to experiment with the timing. This is something that I would like to consider for a final piece or at least experiment further with by using different foods. 

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