Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Experiments with Insides

I experimented with different post production techniques to do with body parts. I looked at the work of Patrick Hickley who made handmade cyanotypes on water colour paper then stitched into them. I took this idea forward into my own prints. I used a print from my first film of a leg. I marked out where I wanted to stitched. I incorporated the muscle, tissue and bone. I used red thread for the musle and tried to show the direction of the muscle. I used pink thread for the tissue over the knee and white thread for the areas of bone. I followed a diagram to help me to know where each part went. I think this is effective as it is different from creative something in the darkroom and it incorporates colour. The sewing process is used when stitching up injuries which links well with my idea. As I was stitching it felt as if I was stitching into skin as the paper was quite tough to get the needle through. I really liked this idea and may consider taking it further. To improve it I would have added more detail into each part.
Following on from this idea I recreated this by using colored permanent markers to draw the insides of the stomach onto a piece of acetate that could be placed onto the photo to reveal it underneath. I also did this with an image of the skull. I used two pieces of acetate to show the different layers under the skin. The first shows the muscle and tissue and the second shows the veins. I prefer the stitching technique as it can be associated with hospitals and injuries.

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