Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flame Tutorial

I wanted to find a tutorial that would with my image of the ice cream and the jelly. I thought of editing it to look like fire as this could symbolise the ice cream melting. I searched on Youtube for a tutorial. I followed one of the tutorials but The way they did it they inversed the image which didn't look right with my image. I changed and missed out some of the steps and produced this image below. I like the way the fire links with the burning ice cream but I don't think the tutorial is very technical that changes the image into something better or enhances it. 
1.  Open image in Photoshop and cut out the subject matter from the background. Paste into a new layer.
2. Desaturate the image. Adjust the levels, increase the whites, decrease the mid tones and the black.
3. Invert the image.
4. Go into the channels pannel, whilst holding Ctrl click the RGB thumbnail. Ctrl + C.
5. Create a New document. Fill the background black.
6. Paste the image into the document. Resize the image whilst holding Shift. Lock the layer. 
7. Select a brush tool, paint over the image in light yellow. Unlock the layer. 
8. Double click the layer, select outer glow, change the colour to red and change the opacity to 50%.
9. Lock the layer. Select the brush tool and paint around the edges of the image in an orange colour to enhance it. 
10. Open an image of fire in Photoshop. Go to the channels panel. Select the green layer and click the small circle icon at the bottom. Select the RGB layer then go back to layers. Copy this layer and paste it onto the document with you image. Resize the fire and paste it around the edges of the image until you are happy.
11. Select the Erase tool with a soft brush and erase areas of fire that are over the image that you done want. 

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