Tuesday, 3 July 2012


To develop my skills and knowledge of Photoshop further I experimented with a technique called typography. It involves an original image being overlayed and formed by text. I like that you can choose the text you wish to overlay as it can be anything or relate to the text. As well as choosing what text to have you can vary the size of the font, by having the font large you are able to read it and it can tell a story about the image chosen. 
1. Open image > Select > colour range - click Shadows and selection > ok > cmd C to copy > cmd V to paste.
2. Select original layer of image > select > colour range - click midtones and selection > okay > cmd C to copy > cmd V to paste.
3. Select both layers > cmd E > hide original image layer
4. Create a new document for your text 20cm x 20cm resolution 300 > ok
5. Select text tool > draw by holding click and dragging out > open document with text in > copy text > paste into text box in photoshop > font edwardian script font size 30 > deselect
6. Edit > define brush presets > ok
7. Click on image document > select brush tool > new layer > select brush size 300 ensure its black opacity 100 > paste onto photograph covering it all > increase size of brush, paste onto photograph until happy with it. 
8. Click layer mask on text layer > hide layer > select layer 1 > cmd A to select all > cmd C to copy > show text layer > click on the layer mask (white square) > hold alt and click > cmd V to paste your selection > cmd D to deselect.
9. Cmd I to invert > hide layer 1 > create new layer > drag it down so its underneath text layer > fill white.
10. Select text layer > blending options > gradient box - blending mode on screen - choose gradient - edit scale and angle > ok.
11. Select black colour > click on brush tool > soft brush size 30 opacity 30 > paintbrush over certain layers to get rid of excess white

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