Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds is known for cutting into photographs to reveal a photograph behind. I think its a good idea to cut into a photograph to reveal one behind, I think it works particularly well when using contrasting photos for example a countryside and a built up city, or a photograph taken 30 years ago in contrast with one taken in the present day; they would work particularly well if the photographs are taken from the same point. 

This was my attempt if creating a Abigail Reynolds inspired piece. I make it by choosing two photographs, I decided to go with contrasting photos like a countryside and a city. First I mounted the countryside photograph onto black sugar paper and the city photograph onto black paper.  I used a ruler to draw a grid on top of the countryside photo then cut along some of the lines so that when bent up it would reveal the image underneath. once I was happy with what I had cut I then glued the city picture behind the countryside one so that when you look through the cut out gaps in the photograph you can see the city behind it.
I was pleased with my outcome but I think it could be improved by cutting more shapes out to reveal the image underneath more as i think you cant really make out what is behind it. 

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