Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Jan Van Holeben style photograph

Jon Von Holeben was born in 1977 and brought up in Germany. From the age of 13 he followed in his fathers photographic career by picking up a camera and experimented with taking all sorts of photographs. His work shows the influence of his parents, a cinematographer and a child therapist. He wanted to create a visual representation of childhood , in his series of 'dreams of flying' he's taken many different scenes that would be of what children dream of. It was produced in 2002 with children from his local neighbourhood in southwest Germany. 

This was my Jon Van Holeben inspired photograph. Working as a group we had an idea and used materials and resources around us to create it. We set up our area in the atrium; using a black curtain as the night sky, cotton wool as clouds, Cut out paper stars, musical instruments floating in the sky as if in the dream. Using materials we created a bed in which four of us we in and the other member of our group was included as part of the dream holding a guitar and wearing a mask.

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