Tuesday, 3 July 2012

5 Analysis

Ruins by George Laszlo Kovacsic

George Laszlo Kovacsic photographed this building in a little village in Hungary in the year 2008.
I like the angle he had chosen to photograph the ruins as you can see the part of the building that is still standing and the back of the building which is just falling to ruins. The feeling that I get from this photograph is that it was once a popular place but due to neglect and natural hazards it has been left to deteriorate over time and grow old like the people that used to go there. I like the effect that he has applied to the photograph as the colours work well to make it seem like there is sunlight catching on the top of the building which makes it seem as if there is still life in the building and that it will still live on and have visitors whether it is still a complete standing building or it has turned into broken ruins.

Black and White House by David Owens
Black and White House was taken by David Owens on the 15th of April 2012 in Stratford-upon-Avon using a Canon EOS 7D. The Garrick Inn is a half-timbered pub and restaurant on the high street in Stratford-upon-Avon. The building dates back to the 1400's and it is said to be the oldest pub in the town. It's also claimed that many former local's visit from the "other side". 
Usually when I look at photos that are taken in black and white it makes the images seem very eerie and menacing, but with this one I don't get that feeling. I think it is because it has not had  any other adjustments and alterations like effects being applied. With people in the photograph as well it makes it seem like it is not a place to ignore and that it may be a place of regular visits despite its claims to have ghosts and hauntings. I chose this photograph because I like the beams and timbered front to the building, it makes me feel as if I am in a small village where everyone knows each other where everyone is happy. I think it captures the history of architecture of buildings from the past well as buildings that are built now don't look like this. 
Dark Architecture by Brian Auer
This photograph was taken by Brain Auer of a building on the Princeton Campus in New Jersey. The size of the chapel itself is large but to make it look even bigger he shot it at 18mm with his 18-200mm lens. It has a barrel distortion at the low end so it causes the buildings verticals to converge from the perspective he was shooting at. The fact that it was taken in black and white and shot from a low angle gives the impression that it may be a haunted church or used as a town hall in a horror film. My first reaction to the photograph was wow, it captured by attention straight away, the perspective makes it seem so much larger and eerie. The parts that draw my attention the most is the dark arch way at the front as it does feel as if you want to walk towards the darkness to explore and reveal what might be hidden inside. Also the sky drew my attention as the building begins to narrow towards the sky and with the trees surrounding the edge of the image makes it seem as if you cannot escape it that maybe a storm is coming and this is the only place to shelter. 

On the Other Side by Alain Etchepare
This is a photograph called On the Other Side by Alain Etchepare. This photograph of the castle was taken in Paris in 2010. I like this photograph because it reminds me of a castle in a remote peaceful place. My first reaction of this photograph was that it taken using a pinhole camera because of the effect around the castle and that it is not all in focus. I do not know what the image was taken with but I assume that it was taken with a DSLR then with an effect applied. The first part that drew my attention was the two towers on the castle, I think that they stand out because they are tall and different to the rest of the castle. The towers are also towards the central point of the photograph, and with the vignette effect around the image it draws your attention into that specific area. To me this castle reminds me of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter books. It makes me feel like it is a magical dreamy place with many different meanings and secrets within the grounds. I don't know if the white haze across the bottom of the photograph was in the composition or whether it had been Photoshopped in but I think it adds to the feelings evoked by this photograph. It may be naturally occurring like fog or snow but is makes the image fell like its part of a dream or a mysterious place. The title of the photograph ' on the other side' does change my perspective of the images as it could mean that he is an outsider and will never know what is within the castle. Its as if his goal is to find out what happens inside, whether it is an abandoned castle, used castle or possibly even a boarding school.

Mysterious by Eduardo Barbosa

This photograph was taken on a Pentax K20D by Eduardo Barbosa on August 31st 2010 of the Pena National Palace situated in Sintra in Portugal. It is a cultural icon and one of the most visited sites in portugal. Sat atop a rocky hill top, far above the town itself, it is a national monument and a UNESCO listed heritage site which attracts thousands of visitors each year. I like the fact that he took this photograph in black and white as it makes it seem quite eerie. In reality different colours have been used on the exterior of the building making it quite colouful but this does not come across in this photograph. As it is taken in black and white it gives it a menacing look but if it was taken in its original colours the appearance of the building would change. This image has only captured one side of the building, it already feels like a large scale building and to imagine the feeling of standing beside it and viewing it as a whole would be overwhelming. 

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