Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lin Osborn style photographs

Looking at Lin Osborn's work I experimented with creating my own Lin Osborn inspired arranged photographs. This is an example of her work.
Using photoshop I followed a tutorial to create my own arranged photographs inspired by her. 
1. New document - 210mm x 210mm.
2. Drag all images into photoshop > click crop tool >Hold shift and drag the crop tool to a square > ok
3. Do the same steps for all of the images.
4. Using the move tool drag the images into the blank document.
5.  cmd apostrophe to get a grid up > view > snap to grid
6. Select each image layer > move to the edge of the grid lines > adjust the size
7. Repeat the previous steps for all images.
8.  Hold shift and select all images move so it has an equal boarder.

Below are my own inspired arranged photographs. I chose a selection of photographs of different places but still within my theme of architecture. After arranging the photographs I applied a gradient to the photographs.

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