Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Norm Magnusson 'decorating nature'

Norm Magnusson is a New York based artists known for his 'decorating nature'. He used the environment around him for the canvas of his work. He has made a series of work whereby he paints or colours different parts of nature. It varies from coloured stripes on leaves to circles on a stone to splashes of colour underwater. The meaning behind this series is to show and explore the complicated relationship between mankind and nature. We use nature how we see fit to, whether it being using it for profit, making it prettier, keeping it as it is or changing it for the 'better'. By decorating nature it makes people take a second look at what it is, some might interpret it is a new life to what is already there where as others may see it as destroying what is natural just to please others to appreciate nature. 

Here are my own examples of 'decorating nature' - 

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