Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Markus Kisson inspired pop-up photos

Markus Kisson is a digital artists based in Berlin. Looking at his works I am experimenting with creating my own Markus Kisson pop-up photographs. He would take a polaroid photograph then cut around parts of the photograph and bend it upwards so that they stick out. 

Below is my quick example of a pop up photo -

First I decided what photograph I wanted to pop up, I decided to go with a photograph of a church that I had  taken as my theme is architecture. I Then chose what photograph I wanted as the background, I thought choosing something simple like grass and sky. 
1. I cut around the church
2. folded where the grass ended
3. followed a tutorial as to how to cut the background for pop up tabs
4. Glued the church onto the pop up tab

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