Monday, 14 January 2013

Progress Review

During this project I have experimented with a range of different materials and techniques. One of the first experiments I tried was distorting the image by bending the paper when exposing the image. It took a few attempts to get it to work as I had to work out which part I wanted in focus. I tried bending the paper in both ways in an arch and in a U shape. I think this worked as seeing what the experiment looked like to actually see that it does distort the image but I don't think it works particularly well as being a technically good experiment.
Other experiments that I tried was putting water, washing up liquid, stop and fix onto the photographic paper before exposing the image then making a print as normal. When using the washing up liquid I washed it off before putting it into the develop in case it changed the and ruined the use of develop. I think it created a weird effect on the image but would work better with different subject matter. 
One if my favourite experiments I tried was handmade negatives. I created a handmade negative using salt, washing up liquid and food colouring. I really like how the ones with food colouring and salt looked as the image did not show through the food colouring which made the image look like it had been destroyed by fire. This links well with architecture thinking think building can be ruined by fire which can be expressed through the handmade negatives. 

Digital experiments That I have tried are blueprints, retro analog effect, handmade negatives and selective development. My favourite digital experiment was the blueprints as they connect so well to architecture and the look of some of them look quite professional. It was an easy tutorial I found to follow and had a great outcome. I chose from a range if different buildings that I had taken to see what effect they give. I tried with buildings with detail and ones with less detail. I think the buildings less detail work better because theres not much that can distract you away form the main detail. 
Selective development and handmade negatives used the same tutorial with a few slightly different steps. It was an easy tutorial to try a digital experiment, it shows what I wanted to achieve but I don't think it is that technically challenging compared to others. 
The retro analog effect took me a while to understand it and to get the effect I wanted as the ratio of colours and numbers are different from the tutorial I was following to my image. It was hard to find the right image that worked well with the effect because the colours in the original image have a great impact on what the image will look like as an end result. I chose images with a central focus point without much detail everywhere else. This worked better than having a busy photograph as where the colour leaks in it doesn't draw the attention to it. 

I have researched a range of different photographers which have influenced my work. these have been recorded on my pinterest board and on my blog. The three main photographers and artists that have inspired me are Matthew Cox, Mike Hewson, and Johan Thornqvist

My theme for the personal project is architecture, I chose to focus on old buildings which has been continued throughout my project as I have not included any modern buildings such as big glass architectural buildings. I have experimented with a range of ideas such as the variety of experiments that I have tried change the way the photograph can be viewed. The hand made negatives and the vignetting give the photographs as aged effect. 

I have annotated in detail my experimentation and developments on my blog, I have included step to step instructions as to how to create the effects, my opinion and ways to improve it. 

To further develop my experiments I have to focus on what I can do to make each experiment better and ways I can combine two or more and include new techniques I have not yet tried. The materials that I wish to use must be of high quality . 

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