Thursday, 24 January 2013

Final Outcome

Before I came up with my final piece I experimented with following through some of my original ideas of a final piece. One of my ideas was to do a mounted sheet of prints, to take this further I thought of presenting them on a light box. I photocopied my prints onto tracing paper and placed them on a light box, this made the black and white stand out really well, however you cannot see it in the image that clearly. This is an idea that I might consider when presenting my work in an exhibition as well as my final idea so that people can see the range of ideas that I came up with for presenting my work. 

Following on from this it lead me to my second idea which was pinned specimens. This idea came from looking at cabinets of bugs that have been pinned down with a description underneath. I carefully lined all of the images up then pinned them with dress making pins. Underneath the images I used a label maker to type the times I took the photographs. 

I then thought about keeping with the pinning idea but instead of pinning to a white background I thought about pinning them to a map of where the images were taken. As it is an old map I wanted to keep my images the same so I stained some with coffee to give it an old effect and to others I attached them to luggage tags. I really like this idea as it is more creative and link really well with my work. 

Below is what my final outcome is, it is a combination of all of the above experiments but adding more images varying in size and colour. I used different types and coloured string to attach the images to the map so that it gives it more colour and makes it more creative. On the back of some of the images I kept with my idea of printing the time, I used rubber stamps to stamp the times I took the photographs on the back. 

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