Thursday, 24 January 2013

Chris Seddon Inspiration

Mapping Nottinghamshire is a Derby QUAD Participatory Photography project. It inspires people through camera and phone photography to explore Nottinghamshire. The photographic installation is in the Rufford Gallery, it changes and grows as photographs are added to the map day by day. 
In March 2012 Chris Seddon photographed the project for the council. Chris Seddon is a Derby music and events photographer who is assigned to photograph events such as this. Seddon took some of his own photographs in Rufford Park and pinned them to the map. 
I really like this idea because it allows you and others to view what is around the area that they may have not noticed before. The use of luggage labels symbolises the journey through tracking Nottinghamshire.
This inspired me to experiment with doing a similar idea for my final piece. As my photographs were taken in and around Croydon   I have found a map of Croydon and the surrounding areas. On the map I will find a variation of different pins to pin the photographs on with. I will experiment with using luggage labels to pin my photographs onto the map with. By using luggage labels it will give it more of an aged effect as well as the map being an original map that is slightly discoloured.

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