Monday, 14 January 2013

Aging Effect

As my pictures are of old ornate building around Croydon, I wanted to make them look aged. I wanted to give it a sepia look and a way that i've always known to do this is by using tea or coffee. I didn't know whether it would work on photographs or not but I gave it a go and was really pleased with the outcome. I mixed up some coffee and water, and had a tea bag in some warm water too. I painted on the tea and coffee using a paint brush. This process didn't take long and it dried well compared to using food colouring which leaves prints sticky. A sprinkled on some coffee granules to give it more of a stained look in some areas. I also scanned in my prints and tried painting on the coffee onto the printer paper to see if it gave it a different effect, it lightened the look of it and gave it more of a newspaper look. I also tried ripping around the image.

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