Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Still Life Digital Photography

Digital Photography

This is a print I like the least because i think that the composition itself is weak in the sense that there is not much lighting on the objects and does not fully relate to the theme of light. 

This is one of my favourite compositions. The angle of the light creates dark shadows and reflective light  off of the objects. 

This is another one of my favourite compositions because I like the way the objects all link together.  The surfaces of the taps and the anchor are so different that they work well together, Its a comparison between old and new. 

These are some of the images that I took experimenting with the theme of light. I changed the position of the lighting on the different objects to create areas of light and dark through the shadows. I used my digital camera take these still life shots. I changed the arrangement of the objects to create different interesting compositions using the same objects. 

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