Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Digital light Paintings

Digital Light Paintings

The light paintings below were created by using my 14 mega pixel Fujifilm JX530 digital camera. I had it on the Night Tripod setting which allowed a maximum shutter speed of 5 seconds. This meant that the drawings had to be simple shapes as they had to be quickly drawn. I experimented with using a torch to created the different shapes. I then went onto using two torches and placing pieces of tissue paper over the light so that it created different colours. 

The image below was edited in Photoshop. the first photo I took was the halo shot, and the second was one wing. To make sure that the wings were the same I only took one picture then loaded them into Photoshop and duplicated the wing image so that I had two, I then flipped it and selected the overlay mode so that they were both visible. I set the mode of the halo image to overlay as well so that the final image looked like an angel.

These were created by setting my digital camera to night(tripod). Using this setting it allows me to take an image with a slow shutter speed. I put my camera on a tripod, turned off all the lights in the room, pressed the shutter and drew the image. It was hard to draw actual pictures using the digital camera as I didn't have long to draw an image because the shutter exposure was too short and could not be adjusted any further.

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