Wednesday, 7 December 2011

SLR Photography

SLR Photography 
I captured some still life shots using my SLR camera. I set up a small scene area with a variety of objects and used a lamp to create the lighting on the different objects. I tried to use objects that were metal so that the light would reflect off the objects.
First I done a test strip of my contact sheet to see what settings I need to set the enlarger to to make a contact sheet.

I set the contrast filter on 5, the aperture on the enlarger to f8 and the timer to 4 seconds. 

I then chose some the best compositions to use to make a perfect print with. I found the grain for every negative I chose, I then set my contrast filter to 5, enlarger aperture on f8 and made a test strip of this image. Once it had been developed I decided on how long I needed to expose it to the paper for.

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