Thursday, 4 October 2012

Independent Experimentation - Reversals

In my independent time I went into the darkroom to experiment with reversals of colour photographs. I placed the colour photograph face down on the photographic paper and exposed it to the light for 40 seconds on aperture 16 with a filter of 5. This print did not show any detail of the building and had a blurry edge to it. 
I then experimented with exposing it for 99 seconds. This showed more detail of the buildings but it was still quite faint. I increased the exposure time to roughly 3 minutes. This produced a detailed outcome that I was pleased with. 

Below is one of my favorite prints, I like the way that the black and white changes the feel of the photograph. To make the positive print I placed the reversal face down on a piece of photographic paper and exposed it for 99 seconds, f16 and filter 5. I didn't place a piece of glass over the photo paper which is why the edges are faded. I think this effect works really well with the subject giving it a spooky feel. I repeated the process again but this time I placed the glass over the paper to see the effect. 

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