Monday, 15 October 2012

Double Exposure

Digital Double Exposure

I followed a tutorial to experiment with double exposure in Photoshop. 
Step 1 - open two image in Photoshop. Copy one image and paste it on top of the other image. Re-size it so that it covers the whole image. 
Step 2 - Select the layer of the photograph you have just pasted. Change the layer blending mode to screen, or if it is too bright change it to lighten. 
Step 3 - If the image is too light add an adjustment layer. go to Image > Adjustments > brightness/ Contrast and change the settings until you are happy with it. 

I chose two different images that I thought would work well with each other. 
I played around with what image to put on top and saw that they had different outcomes depending on what image was on top of the other. Out of the two images below I prefer the first one as you can see the detail on the statue whereas on the other one there is just a silhouette of it.

 Sandwich Printing
Sandwich printing is a technique whereby you put two negatives in the negative carrier to make it look like a double exposure. I chose two images that I thought would work well and lined them up in the negative carrier. I first did a test strip of the print to see what time I needed to expose the print for. By looking at my test strip I could see that it needed to be exposed for 12 seconds. I did each section for 3 seconds on f16 with filter 5. 
I chose a house and the street name as they link and work well together.

I then thought about using contrasting images so I chose the work tower in Croydon and a photograph of trees. I think the first image worked better than the second as you can make out what the two image are of. 

I then moved onto developing it further by using a technique called masking. I cut out a house shape on black sugar paper. I placed the negative space of the black paper on top of the photographic paper and exposed the two negatives on the paper. This is what the outcome looked like. I think it would work better if I had a different image rather than a house because I don't think it worked well as you cannot really make out what it is. It may have looked better with a more complex shape. 

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