Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Review of Ideas

How have your original ideas / concepts changed from the start of the project? 
At the start of the project I wanted to explore the theme of memories and the past. As I looked further into this theme I began to build a deep knowledge what path I wanted to go down and to experiment with my different ideas.

How have your original ideas developed through experimenting with techniques, materials and equipment?
My ideas have become more complex and refined through experimenting with different techniques in the darkroom and with different materials. I have experimented with reversals, multiple exposure, dodging and burning and solarisation in the darkroom with my prints.I have also experimented with different techniques on Photoshop such as aging my prints and adding effects.

How have your original ideas developed as a result of researching the work of others?
By researching the work of others my ideas have developed. For example after looking at the work of Don McCullin and Maurizio Anzeri I have thought of new ideas such as focusing on war and using different materials to incorporate into my photographs such as thread like Maurizio Anzeri does.

Do you think your ideas will continue to change and develop as your work progresses? Do you have any further experimenting / research to do that you think might change / improve your ideas?
Yes, I think as I do more experimentation and continue looking into artists and photographers that focus on war and past time experiences I will have more ideas and developments for my work and final outcomes.

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