Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Darkroom Experimentation

In the darkroom I experimented with different techniques to see what the outcomes were like. I may carry these forward into using them for my final outcome. 
This experimentation I used the dodging and burning technique. I exposed the plane to one half of the photographic paper then moved it over and exposed the other half of paper. To make it look like there are two planes I dodged the first half that I had exposed so that it would come out with the same contrast and timings as the second plane. However there was a slight overlap in the centre where the two planes crossed. 
I experimented with making reversals of my images, I only experimented with two because I was specifically interested in seeing what the image of the people in gas masks would look like. The newspaper reversal was experimenting with another print. I think that the reversal of the people in gas masks look quite daunting and emphasise on what it would have been like in the war. 

For this print I experimented with solarisation. This was done by exposing my image to the paper for the correct amount of time them putting it in the develop for a few seconds then putting it under a light for a few seconds then putting it in the stop bath for the correct amount of time then in the fix then in the wash. 

For the next two print I experimented with exposing my image on the photographic paper then placing newspaper in the negative carrier then exposing it. I had to half the time that I would usually expose my print for otherwise it would turn out really dark. For this print I exposed the newspaper first before I exposed my print. 
On my second experiment I exposed my print first without the newspaper in the negative carrier, then placed the newspaper back in the negative carrier and exposed it for the remainder of the time. 

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