Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Maurizio Anzeri Experimentation

I was inspired by Maurizio Anzeri to experiment with sewing into my own photos to see what effect it caused. I Tried to experiment with different colours instead of using the styles that Anzeri does by using one colour in different shades on each individual. Before I did the experimentation I thought I wouldn't like the idea of sewing into my family's faces because it is almost as if I am destroying and changing a memory. After experimenting with it my feelings have changed, I don't think it changes the memory or destroys the faces, I think of it more as trying new ways of making the images have more character.  
This was my first experimentation of sewing into my photographs. I made it quite simple by only using a few colours and sewing across the whole faces. 

This was my second experimentation which I think worked better than my first experimentation because the stitching was more complex and I used a wider range of coloured thread. I wanted to see what patterns I could create and what impact they has on the image. 

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