Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lin Osborn

Lin Osborn uses a series of small photographs to create her artwork. the photographs are of ordinary everyday objects taken from everyday life or the natural world and repeats images in a grid like format then sometimes changes the colours in 'rainbow' for example. 
I recreated my own Lin Osborn inspired photograph. In Photoshop I opened all of my images and created a new A3 document. I turned the grid on so that the images would snap to the grid. I resized the images and arranged them in a structured order. This worked well in the sense of it being structured and because the images were taken through a round view finder it adds another frame to the images. However I don't think it makes the images any more interesting or different to what they were originally. I think a Lin Osborn style arrangement would work well with images that vary in bright colours and subject matter as it gives an order to a jumble of images. 

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