Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Darkroom Photography

Following on from my digital microscopic photographs I wanted to recreate this in the darkroom. As for the digital images I used different foods I took this idea forward into the darkroom. I used different types of foods such as syrup, flour, rice and muesli. I placed the different foods onto a sheet of clear plastic then placed it in the negative carrier. I made a test strip to find out the settings for the prints. To make the prints look like they have been taken through a microscope I cut out a circle out of black card as a mask.
I placed the outer masking on top of the photographic paper and exposed the handmade negatives in the cut out area. This did not have the same look as the digital ones with the black outline so I found a way to have it black. 
To have a black outline I exposed the centre of the cut out then carefully covered the centre and moved the photographic paper onto a different enlarger and exposed a brighter light to the outside. This had a better appearance and looked more like it had been taken through a microscope. 

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