Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blueprint Tutorial

I followed a YouTube Tutorial to create these blueprint images. I am really pleased with the way they came out as they look like blueprints. The lines could have been a bit thicker on the first image but You can still tell what the image is and it still looks like a blue print. I chose this tutorial as it was the only one I found that linked well to my theme of architecture. I want to experiment further by creating a detailed blueprint in Photoshop and by hand drawing a simpler version then printing photographs of what the building looks like and laying them out neatly combined on a piece of card to make it look like it is the workings and completion of the building being built. 

1. Open an image
2. Make a copy of your image by pressing Ctrl + J
3. Go to filter > Stylize > find edges 
4. Ctrl + shift + U to remove colour
5. Ctrl + L to adjust levels adjust levels to fit with your image 
6. Downlaod and open a paper image 
7. Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C to select all and copy
8. Ctrl + V to paste onto your blueprint image 
9. Crtl + shift + U to remove colour
10. Invert colours by click X
11. Select the brush tool - large sized brush, soft light, 45% brush over the center to lighten it 
12. Drag the layer below your blueprint 
13. To make a Clipping layer press Alt as you hover your mouse between the two layers then click
14. Change blend mode to linear burn on the blueprint
15. create a new layer and make this into a clipping layer
16. Click the black foreground colour and type in 0036A5 and click OK
17. Fill by pressing Alt + Del, change the blend mode to screen 
18. Go to the new layer icon, press Ctrl when you click on it
19. Click the layer mask icon. Click on the empty layer to make it active, call up your rectangular marquee tool, draw a box from one corner to the other slightly smaller than the image, go to edit and Stroke 3PX - black - inside, Ctrl + D to deselect 
20. Click on the layer mask to make it active, go to brush tool and open a 'Grunge' brush or download then import the brush. Decrease the size a bit. Brush over the boarder 
21. Decrease the size of the blueprint to fit inside the box. Click on the blue print layer , Ctrl + T, hold Sift + Alt and re-size the image 
22. Click on the layer mask tool. Click the layer mask to make it active. use the grunge brush tool to go round the edges to rough it up a bit.

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