Monday, 23 April 2012

Darkroom Prints

As I am focusing on the theme of the past and war time experiences I took some photos with my SLR that follow my theme. These are photographs that I had taken in the Imperial War Museum. I hoped to achieve high quality prints with good contrast. 

I tried to achieve a shot as if the planes were being aimed at. I wanted the planes to be viewed through the crosshair but  because of the angle it was positioned at the shot would have had a lot of background image and not a lot of the different exhibits I wanted in the shot. 
I took a photograph of one of the front pages of a newspaper. I chose this one because out of all of the newspapers this one had more working on it linking to the war. It is quite grey because the light in the room was quite dim and I didn't have an inbuilt flash on my camera.
As I looked around at the different exhibits I chose which ones would make a good composition. I wasn't expecting this image to come out with good contrast because the lighting was not that great around the machinery. 

The contrast is good but the print is a bit grey, to improve this I would change the timings. 

The contrast on this print is good. I had the light on f16, filter on 5  and exposed for 7seconds.

I think that the contrast is of a good standard, this is helped by the lighting on  the subject matter.

This print is has quite good contrast which I didn't expect seeing as there was on direct natural lighting directed on it. 

The contrast on this print is quite good, but in my own opinion I think that it is too dark. However I am just judging it by this scanned in version whereas the original print doesn't look as dark as this.
This photograph has come out grey, this is due to the lighting in the room with the newspapers was quite dim. I added a filter to make the image have more contrast.
These next set of photographs were taken of different posters and pictures around the museum.The photographs didn't come out that sharp because the poster photos were enlarged and therefore were not as sharp as a primary photo.

This photograph came out slightly washed out because the image wasn't exposed for long enough.

This was my second attempt which came out with more contrast than the first.

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