Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rankin Inspired Experimentation

I was inspired by Rankin to experiment with create my own 'Destroy Rankin' images. I started by taking self portrait photos on Photobooth. I printed them off then cut them up and experimented with using different objects and mediums to 'destroy' the photographs. 
I cut around my image and cut out my hand. I cut out the background pattern on  purple  paper and placed it on top on yellow paper. I then placed around my image with space invaders and smiley faces I had made. 
On a sheet of clear plastic I drew some doodles onto the plastic then placed it on top my image. 
I drew cat features onto my image then cut it into squares and placed in on the background I had used previously for another image. I then scattered origami stars that I had made around the image. 
I scrunched the photo up then ripped it into sections. 

I developed my previous image by placing photos of me when I was little behind the torn up photo.

I experimented further by using Photoshop to edit and 'destroy' them further. I made my own brushes and experimented with different layer modes and blending options.
I added flares of light and different star brushes.

I added coloured feathers and glowing stars. 

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