Monday, 21 November 2011

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso, 25th October 1881 - 8 April 1973, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer. Light drawings are when an artists uses a slow shutter speed on a camera then captures the subject of the light in the hands of an artist creating the image. Photographer Gjon Milli visited Picasso in 1949 and showed him some of his photographs where tiny lights affixed to the skates of ice skaters jumping in the dark. This made Picasso begin to think about the different possibilities of images you can create with light. This led Picasso onto creating a series of light drawings. They were made with a small flashlight in a dark room.

 The meanings of his light drawings I could not find however I think that the use of a yellow light in his image of the vase symbolises that the flowers could be sunflowers or various yellow flowers. In his other light drawings it is clear to see what his drawings are of. In quite a few he has drawn the silhouette people and himself. The scale of the work is large as you can see faint images of his movement in the background. In my opinion I think that this makes the images more unique to Picasso as you can see him. I like that he has been inspired and has experimented with light drawings as it is not like Picasso's usual work. It shows that an artist does not have to have a certain theme or movement with their work, It shows that he is a more versatile artist. However the art movement that his work mainly was is surrealism. 

When I first saw his light drawing images I didn't think of it as being Picasso's work as I associate Picasso with his works such as his 'blue' period. In my opinion it is nice to see that Picasso has done other forms of art rather than his paintings because it shows that he is more talented than just being able to paint, and that he gets inspired by other artists and explores more into their work by creating his own images in the style of others like Gjon Milli. To me his light drawings make me feel free, this is because of the soft bright lines created be the light are not straight pointy lines, they're smooth calm lines created by the light source. When looking at the different images i prefer to think of them as sound waves rather than a subject in a photo. The reason for this is because of the simplicity of lines symbolize a calm tone of sound to me. 

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